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Anonymous: Hi. So I saw your post and idk. I'm really depressed lately and 5SOS makes me happy so I watch their videos and stuff, but like do you have any other suggestions on how to kind of feel better? Sorry to bother you :(


you’re not bothering me at all! i’m glad you have 5sos to make you happy. i’m not a professional or a doctor or anything, and i can’t speak from experience but i have tons of links here that you can look at, some to help you cope with what you’re dealing with and some to look at when you’re feeling down or to distract you.

coping with depression

things to look at when you’re sad:

some tv shows and movies to distract you:

lastly, one of the most important things in this situation is to talk to someone. i’m so glad you reached out to me, that’s a sign of strength! it means you’re able to reach out to someone and i’m so proud of you for that. if you feel like you can’t talk to a family member, try talking to one of your friends. but if you feel like you don’t have a friend to talk to, know that you have one right here! i’m always here to talk. you’re stronger than you can ever imagine okay? i love you so much <3

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